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2015-07-02 15:42
Newly released market study: Manila Electric Company (MER) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
Manila Electric Company (Meralco) is an electric distribution utility. It supplies electricity in 35 cities and 76 municipalities, which include Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces of Pampanga, Batangas, Laguna and Quezon. The company offer its services to residential, industrial, and commerc .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:41
Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited (1038) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile - New
Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited (CKI) is one of the leading global infrastructure companies. It holds diversified investment interests across various sectors including energy, transportation, water, waste management, and other infrastructure related businesses. The company's major activi .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:40
"Axpo Holding AG - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile" is now available at Fast
Axpo Holding AG (Axpo), formerly EGL AG, is an electricity utility company. The company covers the entire value chain from power generation and marketing of a wide range of products to power distribution. It generates electricity from nuclear, hydro and renewable energy sources. Axpo offers a wide r .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:40
Total GabonSA (EC) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review - New Report Available
Total Gabon SA (Total Gabon) is an oil and gas company. The company explores and extracts hydrocarbons. Its activities include domain mining and exploration, production, and marketing of hydrocarbons. The company also operates a terminal to receive, store, and dispose oil. Total Gabon is headquarter .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:39
Market Report, "Helius Energy plc (HEGY) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile", published
Helius Energy plc (Helius Energy) is an energy development company. It identifies, develops, owns and operates biomass fired renewable electricity generation plants. The company develops both large and small modular biomass-powered electricity generation plants. The major projects of the company inc .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:39
"WinWinD Oy - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile" is now available at Fast Market
WinWinD Oy (WinWinD) is a wind energy solution provider. The company designs wind park solutions on onshore and shallow waters. It offers 1 MW and 3 MW wind turbines. WinWinD provides operation and support services such as wind turbine feature upgrades, corrective maintenance, condition monitoring, .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:38
New Market Report: Bronzeoak Philippines Inc - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
Bronzeoak Philippines Inc (Bronzeoak), a subsidiary of Bronzeoak Group Limited is a renewable energy company that develops, implements and manages sugar cane based energy projects. The company's activities include ethanol production, sugar manufacturing, power generation and biofuels supply. Its pro .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:37
New Market Report: Sime Darby Berhad (SIME) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
Sime Darby Berhad (Sime Darby) is a diversified investment holding group. The company through its subsidiaries and affiliates holds interest in tree plantation; automobile; industrial machinery and equipments; property development; energy and utilities; and others business. It is world's largest pro .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:36
New Study: Perpetual Energy Systems, LLC - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
Perpetual Energy Systems, LLC (Perpetual Energy) is a finance and investment firm. The company provides clean, and renewable energy. It also offers access to renewable solar energy systems, ranging in size from 350 kilowatts to 10 megawatts, for industrial, commercial and municipal enterprises by ut .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:34
Now Available: China Electric Equipment Group - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG) is an electrical equipment manufacturing company. The company manufactures and markets power transformer, PV solar energy, power electronics and honeycomb materials. Its power transformer products include dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformer, special .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 15:33
Chile Power Report Q3 2015 - New Market Research Report
Chile will remain one of the most attractive power markets in Latin America over the next 10 years due to its strong electricity consumption growth , driven by the country's expanding manufacturing sector and energy intensive mining industry. A stable business environment and liberalised electricity .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 07:15
New market study, "Oil India Limited (OIL) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile", has
Oil India Limited (OIL) is an integrated oil and gas company. The company's operations comprise exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas; production of LPG and transportation of crude oil. Its upstream assets are located in India, the US, Venezuela, Gabon, Egypt, Iran, Li .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 07:15
New Market Research Report: AEP Ohio - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
AEP Ohio (AEPO) is an energy utility service provider. The company distributes electricity and provides energy related services. AEPO's services include energy saving rebates and programs, online energy checkup, energy-saving tips, energy calculators, report an outage, outage safety tips, meter read .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 07:14
New Market Research Report: CBD Energy Limited (CBDE) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
CBD Energy Limited (CBD Energy) is a diversified renewable energy company. The company specializes in and wind farm development, solar installations, energy efficiency solutions and mechanical services solutions. It also installs, owns and operates wind and solar generating assets and provides energ .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 07:13
Report Published: "Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power Co., Ltd. (600236) - Power - Deals and Alliances
Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power Co., Ltd. (GGEP) is an energy company. The company constructs, develops and operates power station for electricity generation. It constructs and operates hydro power stations, thermoelectric power plants, and electric transmission, and converting stations. GGEP operate .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 07:13
"Vu1 Corporation (VUOC) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review" Published
Vu1 Corporation (Vu1) is a lighting product company. The company designs, manufactures and markets mercury-free lighting products. Its products include R30 bulb, R40 bulb, and R25 bulb. Vu1's R30 bulb is an alternative for interior flood applications that can be used for 11,000 hours or 10 years. Th .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 07:12
Control4 Corporation (CTRL) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile - New Market Study Published
Control4 Corporation (Control4) is a provider of automation systems for homes and businesses. It focuses on smart lighting, advanced temperature control and safety and security solutions. It offers personalized control solutions for lighting, video, music, energy, and security. The product portfolio .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 07:10
Northgas - Oil & Gas - Deals and Alliances Profile: New research report available at
Northgas is an oil and gas production company. The company explores and produces natural gas from gas condensate reservoirs of North-Urengoy field. Its products include natural gas, dry stripped gas, liquefied gases and petroleum products. Northgas offers services, such as construction, development, .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 07:08
New Market Report: Silicor Materials Inc. - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
Silicor Materials Inc. (Silicor Materials) is a renewable energy company. The company manufactures solar silicon and aluminum-based products. Its aluminum products include master alloys, which are used for automotive supply products; and polyaluminum chloride, which is used in waste water treatment .. [ More ]
2015-07-02 07:07
Now Available: Nebraska Public Power District - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is an electric utility provider. The company provides services such as electric usage at home through calculation such as heating cost, water heating cost, air conditioning cost, residential electric bill, appliance, heating, lighting, heat pump, television and .. [ More ]

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