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2015-03-06 13:37
Global pet care market reports dogs and cats as the most preferred companion
Dogs and cats are the preferred pets in most markets, with pet owners continuing to spend heavily on pet beauty products and fashion accessories. Changes are slowly taking place, as small mammals become more popular. Fish and birds appear to have lost their charm. Click for report details: http://w .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 13:30
Global drinking milk market forecast to see volumes fall in the developed markets
Future growth for drinking milk products (DMP) lies in a two-tier strategy. First, in mature regions such as Western Europe, adding value to DMP in terms of nutrition, lifestyle or traceability, allows for expenditure on DMP to increase while volumes falls. Second, in low consumption regions where D .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 13:27
Netherlands wearable electronics market led by electronic personal trainers in 2014
Wearable electronics are only just entering the Dutch market, with passive wearable electronics introduced in 2013 and autonomous wearable electronics in 2014 at the earliest. The category is currently being led by electronic personal trainers as consumers look for alternatives to existing sports wa .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 13:20
Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines and Turkey offer a wealth of opportunities for marketers facing stagnant
With their growing economies, rising incomes and young, expanding populations, the five emerging markets of Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines and Turkey offer a wealth of opportunities for marketers facing stagnant demand in developed markets. However, these countries are far from homogenous, .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 13:16
Global emerging markets reporting changing demographics which is affecting the retail sectors
Demographic changes in emerging markets are strongly impacting the way consumers shop. Retailers have to adapt accordingly to cater to a new aspirational middle class, with access to higher levels of discretionary spending. This briefing assesses the non-grocery and non-store channels in emerging ma .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 13:11
Nigeria snack bars market reported negligible sales in 2014
The Snack Bars in Nigeria report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data 2010-2014, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 13:07
Nigeria ready meals market currently has a very small demand
There is at present no market for ready meals in Nigeria; there is a lack of interest due to relatively lower incomes and low awareness. There is, however, a good possibility that such products will be introduced over the forecast period, given the increasing need for convenience-based eating among .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 13:00
Standard Tolling Plans Ore Purchase Financing
FSCwire / Press Release The following press release was disseminated by FSCwire for Standard Tolling Corp. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- White Rock, British Columbia (FSCWire) - Standard Tolling Corp. (TSX .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 13:00
Saudi Arabia home video market declined in 2014
The maturity of LCD TVs in Saudi Arabia, the increasing popularity of the internet and of mobile devices, along with the increasing marginalisation of a significant number of categories of products within home video as they become increasingly obsolete, led to a decline in the overall growth rate of .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:57
Nigeria chilled processed food market affected by lack of stable electricity supply
The lack of stable electricity supply in Nigeria, which would enable both retailers and consumers to chill food for long periods of time, has been a disincentive to the introduction of such products during the review period. However, with growing incomes among segments of the middle and upper class, .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:50
Vietnam wearable electronics market remains negligible in 2014
The presence of wearable electronics in Vietnam remains negligible in 2014, primarily as a result of the product type´s high unit price. Moreover, there is limited demand in the country as many Vietnamese consumers do not see the potential usefulness of such products. For example, they prefer .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:47
Philippines wearable electronics market reported low level sales in 2014
Wearable electronics is still a small market in the Philippines. The availability of wearable electronics is still very limited whilst pricing makes the product prohibitive. Wearable electronics are viewed as a luxury and not a necessity to most consumers. Click for report details: http://www.compa .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:40
Singapore wearables electronics market totalled 60,000 in 2014
Wearable electronics saw total volume units in 2014 reach 60,000, mainly driven by a flow of passive wearable electronics into the market from mid-2013. There was increasing pursuit of healthy lifestyles, high usage of smartphones as well as a nationwide campaign to integrate sports and fitness into .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:37
Saudi Arabia Wearable Electronics Market: New insights
The Wearable Electronics in Saudi Arabia report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the in-home, portable and in-car consumer electronics products markets at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifi .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:37
Taoiseach and Minister Bruton Announce 300 New Jobs at Northern Trust Limerick Office
An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD; the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD; and Clive Bellows, Country Head Ireland at Northern Trust (Nasdaq: NTRS); today announced that the company is to expand its operations in Limerick by creating up to 300 new jobs over the next three year .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:33
Cosi, Inc. to Present at 27th Annual ROTH Conference
CONTACT: Vicki Baue Investor Relations  (857) 415-5000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cosi, Inc. to Present at 27(th) Annual ROTH Conference Webcast Presentation Scheduled for Monday, March 9th at 12:30 p.m. PST BOSTON, MA, March 6, 2015 -- Così, I .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:31
Germany wearable electronics market reported around 1% possession rate in 2014
Although interest in wearable electronics is apparent in Germany, volume sales in 2014 are set to remain relatively low, with a possession rate of around 1% in respect to total population. While many consumers already own a fitness device that counts steps, measures heart rate or calories burnt, mos .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:26
Tajikistan travel market boosted by strong marketing
In January 2014, Globe Spots published a list of top 10 destinations to visit in 2014. Tajikistan was second in this list behind Malta but ahead of Romania, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Lithuania and others. It was mentioned that just getting there is an adventure on its own. This perfectly illustrates .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:21
Martinique travel market added new flights for tourists in 2014
New flights were added in 2014. Cubana de Aviación, located in Cuba, added flights to Martinique and American Airlines added another direct flight from Miami in 2014. This will help improve number of arrivals to Martinique. Click for report details: .. [ More ]
2015-03-06 12:17
Kyrgyzstan introduced visa-free entry for citizens of 44 countries in 2012
In 2012, Kyrgyzstan introduced visa-free entry for citizens of 44 countries where annual GDP per capita exceeded US$7,000. Later in 2013, the president of Kyrgyzstan approved the changes in legislation, which allowed issuing visa via the internet for foreign visitors. As of 2014, it was still not de .. [ More ]

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