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2015-02-27 01:28
Vietnam Real Estate Market: New market information published
We believe that despite the continuing soft economy and domestic tensions surrounding the election, Vietnam´s commercial construction outlook is positive and driven by the rising demand for industrial, retail and office real estate space. In turn new construction projects are boosting the exis .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:27
Vietnam Infrastructure Market: New market information published
Vietnam´s construction sector is in an upward cyclical phase, as evidenced by a real growth rate of 5.3% y-o-y in the first nine months of 2013. We believe this could continue in 2014 and are maintaining our growth forecasts of 5.8% for 2014. Easy monetary conditions and greater investment int .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:26
Venezuela Oil and Gas Market: New market information published
We retain a cautious stance on the Venezuelan oil and gas sector. While a flurry of new loans and deals may improve the financial position of PdVSA over the short term, the threat that badly needed funds will diverted from investment into the oil and gas sector to fund social programmes remains as r .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:25
United Kingdom Information Technology Market: New market information published
The UK IT market remains a lucrative location for vendors, with it being home to one of the largest outsourced public service markets. There are also areas of fast growth, particularly around emerging technologies such as datacentres and cloud services and Big Data. There is also downside, as spendi .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:24
United Arab Emirates Water Market: New market information published
A growing economy, high water demand and decreasing water supply is putting the UAE´s water infrastructure under some pressure, increasing the need to invest and maintain current infrastructure to avoid a shortfall in the future. However, we note that government support is strong, and that new .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:23
United Arab Emirates Defence and Security Market: New market information published
BMI expects the UAE to set its defence budget at US$103.8bn for 2014, and to increase this further to US $158.1bn by 2018. These levels of spending have given the UAE one of the largest defence budgets in the world. The country is spending lavishly on defence to update equipment considered obsolete, .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:22
Uganda Power Market: New market information published
Uganda´s power sector is ill-equipped to meet rising power demand, with the World Economic Forum ranking the country 126th out of 148 countries for the quality of its electricity supply in its Global Competitiveness Report for 2013-2014. Its primary source of energy is hydropower (mainly from .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:21
Turkey Retail Market: New market information published
The last few years have been challenging for the Turkish retail sector. Growth evaporated as the global financial crisis deepened, export markets shrank and consumer confidence fell. Retailers were forced to make drastic price cuts to defend the sector´s outlook. However we expect strong growt .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:20
Turkey Oil and Gas Market: New market information published
Turkey will remain heavily dependent upon oil and gas imports for the foreseeable future. However, its role as a critical energy transit hub between Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Caspian and Russia provides it with a unique form of leverage and makes it a key player in the .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:19
Thailand Real Estate Market: New market information published
The Thai commercial real estate sector is proving resilient to the political turmoil in the country, with investors appearing unfazed by protests on the streets of Bangkok. Our view is that bouts of political unrest are in many ways ´the new normal´ in Thailand, and unless unrest is part .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:18
Tanzania Power Market: New market information published
Tanzania´s power sector has been plagued by years of underinvestment, with a rapidly expanding population driving up consumption needs. The country is responding by implementing a series of projects, although a history of delays and cancellation leads us to believe that some will not be realis .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:17
Taiwan Oil and Gas Market: New market information published
Taiwan is almost entirely dependent on imports to meet energy demand and is likely to stay in this state for the foreseeable future. A growing appetite for imported gas has created a need for fresh liquefied natural gas (LNG) purchase schemes, with Australian and Qatari volumes on the rise and Papua .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:16
Sudan and South Sudan Power Market: New market information published
Following on from their secession in 2011, both Sudan and South Sudan have been experiencing frequent power outages; their electrification rates stand at 30% and 1% respectively. Rapidly expanding populations are driving demand, but investment from foreign players is crucial if both nations are to d .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:15
Sri Lanka Tourism Report 2014 Market: New market information published
We believe that the recent weakness in the Sri Lanka rupee is both a blessing and a curse for Sri Lanka´s booming tourism industry. With the rupee now at the cheapest it has ever been against the euro, we expect to see an increase in arrivals from the bloc, which remains the island´s top .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:14
South Africa Water Market: New market information published
We continue to view South Africa as the best of a poor bunch regionally, with regards to its water sector. Although investment is being encouraged and water infrastructure developments are underway, more is still needed. We remain particularly wary of the ongoing impact of mining on water quality an .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:13
Slovakia Real Estate Market: New market information published
We forecast that an improved economic performance in 2014 will underpin increased activity, in terms of both supply and demand, in Slovakia´s commercial real estate market in 2014. Despite lower economic growth than in 2012, the Slovakian economy still increased by 0.6% in 2013. Given that the .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:12
Singapore Retail Market: New market information published
A low unemployment rate, rising disposable income and a strong tourism industry resulting in a strong rise in household spending are all factors that will see the Singapore retail sector continue to grow over the next few years. We are particularly positive about the future growth prospects for heal .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:11
Saudi Arabia Infrastructure Market: New market information published
Saudi Arabia remains one of the most lucrative construction markets in the Middle East, with the government pumping billions into infrastructure and construction projects. That said, over the shortterm our view on capacity constraints in the labour markets dragging on growth continue to play out rea .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:10
Saudi Arabia Defence and Security Market: New market information published
Like many aspects of Saudi Arabia´s security posture, the country has traditionally been highly secretive regarding the size of its defence budget. It does not reveal or publish its annual spending levels, or the levels of its defence imports and exports. In 2013, BMI anticipated that the coun .. [ More ]
2015-02-27 01:09
Saudi Arabia Consumer Electronics Market: New market information published
A government policy to reduce Saudi Arabia´s reliance on foreign workers is having a negative impact on the sales of mobile handsets in the kingdom. Local retailers are reporting that their sales have nearly halved as a result of this. Saudi Arabia´s high mobile penetration rate has been .. [ More ]

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