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The Police Performance Advocacy Offers Dual Approach To Improving Performance & Community Relations

The Police Performance Advocacy Offers a Dual Approach To Improving Police Performance and Community Relations
The Police Performance Advocacy Offers a Dual Approach To Improving Police Performance and Community Relations
The Police Performance Advocacy is a non profit organization that helps law enforcement and the communities they serve communicate better by offering tools that bridge communication and improve police performance through analytics, improved training and transparency. 2017-03-22 06:06:29
Police community relations is at great risk. Our president is contemplating stop and frisk laws in Chicago and other major cities. Hateful rhetoric divides our nation’s troubled communities and the police forces. And as shaky immigration reform pressures ICE to execute deportation orders, avoidable incidents with agents are sure to rise. We cannot allow another Trevon Martin, Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton, Eric Garner, or Levar Jones shooting to take place.

Last summer Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, took a stand during the national anthem and faced large criticism…largely because he did not have a solution to the problem. At least 49 other high profile athletes and celebrities followed suit, including Beyonce, Oprah, Adam Levine, The Rock, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade to name a few.

Research shows that often times men of color are treated harshly, which leads to negative perceptions of police officers. The recent shootings in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and Dallas have opened many people eyes about the incidents of police brutality and enforced the notion that as a society work needs to be done to improve police and community relations.

When Performance Expert Victor Holman founded the Police Performance Advocacy he was torn. While an avid supporter of law enforcement, our heroes, on one hand… on the other hand, as an African American male he found himself terrified he could one day be an innocent victim of a police shooting. The feeling was real. The nation was ready for a change and the PPA is the solution.

The Police Performance Advocacy protects the integrity of our finest officers who execute procedure by the book, while also protecting our communities from poorly trained and abusive officers with their greatest defense…the truth!

Holman believes that the Police Performance Advocacy can be the solution to bridging the gap between community expectations and police training. “All year people judged athletes and celebrities who spoke up for change, because they didn’t have a solution,” says Holman. “The real solution will come from the people that visit CopCritic, rate police performance and provide valuable feedback, which can then be translated into training and improved communication and ultimately restore the public’s confidence in law enforcement.”

The Police Performance Advocacy’s CopCritic mobile app and live streaming function reduces the tensions that officers have when approaching minorities, improves law enforcement and community relations and SAVES LIVES! CopCritics advanced reporting features help improve police training, while the outreach programs help reprogram the public’s negative perceptions of local police. The Performance Advocacy’s unique mix of technology and community outreach programs are the tools that will drive change.

There is a great need for the Police Performance Advocacy. Racial profiling and unprovoked shootings have to stop. Police killed at least 1,624 people in 2015 & 2016. At least 198 of them were unarmed. Only 10 cases resulted in an officer being charged with a crime. And many more incidents involving police brutality, which is not reported by most states, and goes largely unaccounted for.

61% of officers do not always report serious abuse by fellow officers and 52% of officers turn a blind eye to excessive force committed by fellow officers.

In the top 10 cities with police shootings there are 49.1 million African Americans and Hispanics who are targets for unfair traffic stops and police profiling. 23.9 million of them are African American and Hispanic males. And 6.6 million of them are between the ages 15-44. This demographic need the Police Performance Advocacy.

As immigration reform tightens and roundups are staged, and ICE takes on the daunting task of arresting 960,000 immigrants with deportation orders, mistaken identity and reports of agent misconduct and abuse are surfacing across social media. With many recent raids yielding hundreds of arrests simultaneously, more mistakes and reports of misconduct are sure to follow. Law abiding citizens who are victims of “collateral arrests”, racial profiling and other intrusive enforcement practices need their rights protected.

If something is not done to reduce the tensions officers have when encountering this high target demographic more shootings, more brutality and more injustices are sure to follow.

Why We Need to Invest In the Police Performance Advocacy

The Police Performance Advocacy presents a major opportunity for significant social change. With its visionary approach for both near term and long term change, combining community outreach and technology, the Police Performance Advocacy is poised to save lives and improve law enforcement and community relations.

The CopCritic mobile application will produce data that will be extremely valuable in improving police procedures and performance. The people that the Police Performance Advocacy will partner with and employ will be the keys to transforming the valuable data gathered into actions that will educate communities and well as law enforcement.

While there are other organizations and applications that serve to increase social justice and accountability to police officers who abuse their powers, what makes the Police Performance Advocacy’s efforts unique and invaluable is the data and how it will be used. Analytics captured from our research and outreach tools are community specific and the resulting training is targeted for specific police departments.

Now is the time to act. This issue is at the forefront of race relations, noted politicians, athletes and other celebrities have called for change, and America, the UK and several other countries have called for changes. Because Black lives matter. Blue lives matter. All lives matter.

Mr. Holman has 15 years of experience managing large, complex private and public IT projects. He’s a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a Six Sigma certified process improvement expert, and a marketing expert who has traveled the world teaching marketing strategies to small and midsized business owners. He’s created, marketed and sold over 50 management systems. This combination of skills makes him the ideal leader for developing and managing a complex initiative like The PPA and ensuring its products and services are well marketed, branded and optimized for maximum participation, feedback and system performance.

In conclusion, there are social injustices when it comes to minorities in disadvantaged communities. In addition, members of these communities have negative perceptions and many negative experiences of police officers, which can only be reversed through focused reprogramming outreach programs and documented accounts of positive experiences with law enforcement through the CopCritic application. The PPA was built on the dream that these negative incidents with police can be eliminated and consensus trust between police and community members across the country can be obtained.

You can contact Victor Holman at (888) 861-8733.

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