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Nootropics: Mankind’s New Favorite Cognitive Enhancers

If you are among those who have seen "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper, most likely you've wondered how would it be to have this ability: to use 100% of your brain and not just 10% of it (although this is a myth with no scientific evidence).
Brain Cognitive Enhancers - Nootropics
Brain Cognitive Enhancers - Nootropics 2016-09-04 15:27:31
Despite the fact that there is no such thing as NZT-48 on the market (the miraculous pill from the movie), instead we have access to the so-called nootropics, supplements that stimulate the brain and improve cognitive function.

Nootropics as medication

Even though they are mostly popular because of their role of increasing cognitive abilities (mental skills that one needs in order to complete a task), nootropics are also used in order to treat, or at least improve the state of people with different neurological disorders, such as: ADHD or narcolepsy, a chronic sleep disorder that manifests through excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), and by falling asleep all of a sudden while performing any activity during daytime.

Nootropics as cognitive enhancers

On the other hand, nootropics are widely used as a solution to boost one's cognitive performances especially nowadays when we live in such a competitive world where everyone looks for new ways of self-improvement to climb higher on the ladder of success.

Taken by healthy persons, these supplements are well-known for improving the memory, attention, problem-solving skills, verbal learning, motivation to work, creativity, reasoning, concentration and other abilities that play a crucial role in successfully completing a task or attain a specific goal.

Also known by the name of "smart drugs", despite this term nootropics don't make you smarter, but their administration gives you energy and more clarity, keeps you alert, in a nutshell they help anyone who takes them to become better at performing different intellectual tasks. Because of this, smart drugs are very popular among students and especially around exam periods when the amount of information one needs to remember can be overwhelming, and concentration and memory have to be at their best.

Moreover, nootropics are preferred by people who work in mentally competitive environments and simply need something else to make their brains work, remember and learn better.

From natural nootropics to synthetic ones and drugs

When it comes to nootropics, people's interest is directed towards manmade supplements in the form of pills, much easier to administrate and considered by the majority as being the most efficient as well.

Nowadays, some of the most popular pills of this kind are:

1. Modafinil / Provigil (clinically proven and trusted as to work), Armodafinil / Nuvigil and Adrafinil;

2. Piracetam and other medication from the Racetam family (Aniracetam and Phenylpiracetam for example).

The above categories are over-the-counter medicines, which means they can be purchased from the pharmacy but only based on a doctor's prescription, which is why many prefer to buy them over the internet.

Besides these substances classified within the pharmaceutical range, there are also natural nootropics such as:

- caffeine;

- nicotine, of course, small doses and in the right form (chewing gum, patches, spray etc), obtained not from smoking which is addictive;

- L-theanine, a natural component in green and black tea;

- Ginkgo Biloba;

- Bacopa monnieri.

Now, for a nootropic to be placed within this class it has to be suitable for long-term use, without side effects or with minimal reactions; in other words risk-free.

Worth mentioning is the fact that nootropics within the pharmaceutical range are not recommended for persons who suffer from kidney and liver diseases (especially cirrhosis and diabetes), epilepsy, high blood pressure and other affections, that is why a clinical examination and the doctor's advice are critical before beginning their administration.

Also, the irresponsible usage or the abuse of some of these substances can lead to addictiveness (like Modafinil), and with this aspect we get to another class of nootropics considered to be, in the right doses, cognitive enhancers: drugs. Despite their highly addictive potential and the fact that they are not an over-the-counter medication, amphetamine and LSD are the most popular drugs which nowadays are being also used as nootropics, they key being in the administration of small doses.

Nootropics, a controversial topic

The subject of nootropics remains a controversial one because it divides people into two camps, the controversial aspect being the fairness of their use. It's like in the Olympics or other sports competitions where doping it's forbidden, but here we are not talking about doping of the body if we can say so, but doping of the brain which some consider as giving an unfair advantage in different tasks to those who take this kind of substances.

On the other hand, nootropics are viewed as a way to "unlock" our brain and allow it to function at its actual capacity, revealing us of what we are actually capable of if we have the right key.

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