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CLA Safflower Oil Diet Review - Does it Work to Burn Fat?

CLA Safflower Oil is apparently something that many individuals are hyped about. Is CLA Safflower Oil better than the other "secret" ingredients that is hyped online, such as capsaicin in peppers or caffeine or guarana...
CLA Safflower Oil Diet
CLA Safflower Oil Diet 2017-07-22 09:50:37
CLA Safflower Oil is apparently something that many individuals are hyped about. CLA Safflower Oil can burn your fat away, is a claim that you will often read online. As usual, it is very much overhyped. CLA Safflower Oil is no better than any other "secret" ingredient that is hyped online, such as capsaicin in peppers or caffeine or guarana, etc. I actually read an online article the other day which stated, believe it or not, that eating peppers can help you burn 1000 calories or more in a day and that it is better than exercising which can only burn about 400-500 calories.

Some of the people behind these articles don't know what they are talking about and have no idea whatsoever about fat loss, exercising and dieting. See, this is why I always tell you guys to not trust all that you read online because some people don't do their research before typing and thus end up confusing a lot of other people.

Dieting, exercising and building muscle is the best thing to do to be fit, healthy and to lose fat or burn fat. No, caffeine or cayenne pepper does not burn more fat than the amount you would be burning if you were physically active and dieting, that is a straight out lie. CLA, peppers, caffeine, they can all help with the metabolism, they can boost it, that is true however the effect does not last long and the benefit is mild at best, doesn't compare to the boost that intense physical activity gives to your body.

Now, if you combine say caffeine with a healthy diet and with physical activity then that's another story but if you tell me that on its own, caffeine or peppers or CLA can make you fit, you don't know what you're talking about. CLA is also something that can help metabolism and that is found in foods, specifically beef and milk from grass fed cows/cattle.

It can raise your metabolic rate but it is highly unreliable, more unreliable than caffeine or peppers/capsicum. In its studies, it has conflicting results and not just for fat loss but also for other of its benefits such as tumor reduction.

It has all of these claims and people hear that it has clinical evidence so they think, it must work. No, go and read the studies and the research and the clinical trials, see what the proof is and then decide if you want to use it or not. Yes, it has trials but the number of trials in which it was successful is not that different than the ones in which it was unsuccessful.

Because the human body is constantly consuming energy and making energy through burning fat, carbs and calories, you can lose excess fat even without necessarily exercising. When someone refers to exercising or being physically active, they generally mean things like running, sprinting, lifting weights, doing push-ups, pull-ups, squats, abdominal exercises, jumping rope, climbing stairs and so on.

No one refers to brushing your teeth, to walking, to cleaning the house, to cooking, to doing laundry and so on, even though these are also technically physical activities but they burn much less fat or consume much less energy so, obviously I don't need to explain this but, you will not be very successful in losing fat or weight by just brushing your teeth each day or washing dishes each day. You must do more intense activities, that are more difficult and require more energy.

However, even without doing those activities, you can still lose fat and even though may sound like a contradiction because I just said that you will not be very successful, it can be done by changing your diet. Yes, brushing teeth and washing dishes doesn't require a lot of energy however when you put all of the things that one does in a day together, as well as things like digestion and other functions in the body that spend energy, you consume a good amount in a day and while that amount doesn't account for much when you eat foods rich in carbs and calories that spike your blood sugar and promote fat storage in your body, when you reduce carbs and calories and you balance your blood sugar and eat healthier, your body starts to resort to using excess fat as a main source of energy and you will, in fact, lose excess fat without actually doing physical exercises.

I'd still recommend running frequently or doing things like push-ups and pull-ups frequently and so on, because it helps a lot in burning a lot more fat and it promotes very good health, strong bones, strong muscles. Muscles burn calories by the way. Whether or not you decide to exercise and whether or not you decide to use a supplement, you must do something about your eating habits, they're the reason why you are overweight/obese.

Without making healthy changes in that department, everything that you're doing won't make up for that problem and in the end, it will be a waste of time and effort. There are various supplements out there, with CLA, for instance, being very popular, despite its unreliability and conflicting results in trials and studies, but needless to say that you will be wasting your money if you try and use it without dieting and also being more active.

Conjugated linoleic acid is quite lacklustre for fat burning, it's not overly potent and it's more or less impossible to know how it will work for you or for that matter if it will work for you. One more thing, for those of you thinking about using it or considering it, uses supplementation because there's not enough CLA naturally in foods. You'd need around 3 grams, that is each day. CLA safflower oil is one of the supplements that seems to have positive effects on weight

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