Today: April 19, 2018, 3:48 pm
EU to Amend Maximum Residue Levels for Pesticides [..]
Maximum Residue Level (MRL) for Pesticides in Food and Feed The changes and amendments in the four Commission Regulations (EU) No 36/2014 (1) , (EU) No 51/2014 (2) , (EU) [..]
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Ronnie Killen’s Highly-Anticipated Killen’s Barbecue Now Open
When Ronnie Killen, chef and owner of Killen’s Steakhouse, started his weekend barbecue pop ups in March 2013, word quickly spread about the unyielding commitment to quality he was putting [..]
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Bedfordshire Onion Growers are crying for Joy
This annual event is sponsored by Horticulture Week magazine and Bedfordshire Growers won their accolade for the major contribution they have made to the British Onion market. Over the last [..]
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Bart & Judy's Bakery Announces Tomato Seed Giveaway
S. EL MONTE, CA -- For a limited time only, Bart & Judy’s Bakery is including a special treat for their customers in specially marked boxes of The Best Chocolate [..]
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NY Bagel Cafe Goes Green
Each and every year, as the tradition goes, NY Bagel Café & Deli offers green bagels on St. Patrick’s Day. This year is no different. Green bagels are on their [..]
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Between Rounds Announces Gas Station & Convenience Market [..]
Between Rounds <> , a unique bakery café and bagel shop with locations throughout Connecticut has recently announced a new Gas Station and Convenience Market Division to cater to gas [..]
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Nanking Bush Cherry - A Wonderful Unique Edible [..]
The Nanking Bush Cherry is another unique edible plant, in bush form, that is showy in the spring with flowers and in the summer with the bright red cherries clinging [..]
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