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UNCHOSEN Rise of the secret societies

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2014-04-13 22:10:29 - SUBSCRIBE and join the 'Chosen Ones!'.
It’s hard to describe everything this book has going on for it – In short it may be the next magical bestseller.

Rise of the secret societies

SUBSCRIBE and join the 'Chosen Ones
It’s hard to describe everything this book has going on for it – In short it may be the next magical bestseller.

Watch the trailer below! Read the blogs further down! Share this with your friends and prepare to get it for FREE when it launches JUNE 1st!!!

This book is a story about an average kid with absolutely no magical powers, thrown into the middle of a battle between good and evil wizards, mages and necromancers. ‘Unchosen’ goes against the grain with many deep messages, including its core message that we are all potential chosen ones, and just need to take a chance to unfold our battered wings. Every person that has

read this book so far has said it’s the best book they’ve ever read. Hard to believe? Who knows maybe they were being nice haha.

By the end of the book you’ll not only feel brighter, but motivated to stand up and join the Chosen Ones in their effort to help make the world a better place. So reader be warned, this book won’t just entertain you, it may also activate you!

So go ahead and SUBSCRIBE to also make sure you can get your own copy before the price jumps up!

Jason Barclays Autobiography
Jason Barclay was born November 19, 1984 in Culver City, California. He came into our world with a twin sister, Melissa, at 2pm. They had a great, average, middle-class childhood supporting each other at times, and driving each other to the brink of childhood insanity, at others. Although they were close, they were still capable of going to war over those things so important to kids, like who was too close to "their side" of the car...

By the time Jason was 13, his parents were divorcing - to end up living quite literally, at opposite ends of the earth. He stayed with his mother in Los Angeles, while his father went to Israel to also raise his new daughter, Ana Barclay ( Who would grow up to be an inspiring artist and a master of using the written word to paint her stories into reality like a great painter would). Jason would only be able to visit his jubilant and wise father and his talent step sister a few times in the remaining years of his youth. His mother took her single-parent responsibilities seriously, working hard to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, but they all still found times to build memories and went on many nice vacations.

Jason's mom continually brought Jason to events revolved around "think big and grow rich" philosophies and techniques at seminars they remember attending so often. This fueled Jason’s desire to create 'bigger than life projects'.

At 17 years old he was going to high school and playing lots of video games. Unfortunately, one day he crashed his sister's jeep which was behind on payments. The leaser repossessed the car and sold it to a friend for $500 - and then charged his mom for the remaining balance! Jason, for a moment, felt the world would just be better off without him...

Going into his adult years, he spent a lot of time learning the art and techniques of film-making and martial arts. He was always a fan of Bruce Lee, martial artists and film makers.

Jason is no stranger to the ups and downs, highs and lows, and the joys and sorrows of life. Jason has experienced life not only as an artist - a writer and a dreamer - but as a manager of space, material and finance under the harshest of circumstances - under near-slavery conditions - worked nearly, literally, to death - and lived to tell about it.

Jason finally escaped from that harrowing expierence but by leaving, he was shunned from the previous group and all of his life long friends were forced to disconnect from him. For a long time after Jason was still depressed from losing all of his friends, his poor general standing in life and impaired ability to make new friends. He decided he wouldn't settle for a day job and instead, decided it was time to begin a major written work - a trilogy. He was moved into this new course of action mostly by noticing the negative things going on in the world, and felt moved to gently convey important messages and meanings through a "Harry Potter"-type book.

And so, from the depths of his despair and to the peaks of his joy in a wide variety of life experiences, wrapped up and woven through a breathtaking imagination, comes this breathtaking book:

"Unchosen : Rise of The Secret Societies"

Jason managed to emerge from a scene devoid of encouragement for the pursuit of one's own dreams, with the heavy loss of hope that all-too-often keeps others from trying to spread their wings and fly.

And so my dear reader, don't curb your expectations just so you don't get "disappointed." You too have been waiting long enough for a book like this. And we sincerely hope you enjoy it!

All feedback is not only welcome, but acted on. Only in this way can the trilogy rise to a larger than life magnitude.

This isn't just "The beginning of a great Trilogy," it's our hope that this trilogy is the leader of a worldwide community of "Chosen Ones" - you included! - willing to do something - great or small - at least once a week, to somehow help improve conditions in our world.

"I’ve always been wondering about magic, governments and how a true ‘Peace on Earth’ would be possible – Everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve been through, everything I know, has greatly influenced this book- JM Barclay

As a result this isn’t just a great book to find out what’s going on out there and some of the reasoning behind it, but 'little things' you can do to help make a real difference.

Jason Barclay - Author - "Unchosen : Rise of The Secret Societies"

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