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Starting out in Freelancing without quitting your Day Job

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2014-02-03 10:41:58 - Starting out as freelancer often means stepping out of your comfort zone and quitting their job. However, this is not necessary in most cases and can ease the transaction of becoming independent.

Beginning a freelancer career can be scary. You give up financial security and your daily routine and step out of your comfort zone. Switching from your regular job to freelancing is never going to be simple. But it doesn’t have to be terrifying. This article is here to tell you how to make a smooth transition between freelancing and your day job, pursuing the first and not instantly quitting the latter. First off, here are the reasons for trying out freelancing without actually quitting your job.

Why not jump into freelancing right away?

Starting out by looking at your possibilities and slowly getting to know your new environment is a much easier and smoother process than straight up jumping into the cold

water. It is also more secure and generally smarter. Freelancing isn’t going to work for everyone, but great ideas require an amount of risk. So why not begin freelancing, but keep your job as well? That way you have a financial backing and can see if your dreams can actually be achieved in reality. Trying and failing will hurt, but not trying at all will hurt even more. So feel free to give freelancing a go, but make sure you have something to return to just in case. Here’s how:

Be selfish at the right moments.

Let’s talk about how the transition is supposed to function. You work 9 to 5 and maybe even have a family that requires your time and attention. In order to make your freelancing work, you need to be selfish and take some time to pursue your goals. But you can’t be selfish while you’re working and you cannot be selfish when your family needs you. Getting up an hour ahead of everyone else or staying awake an hour longer will give you the time you need to develop your business idea. Start building up towards your dream, but remain responsible as well. Your wife or kids won’t mind if you put in an hour of work before they wake up, your boss won’t either. With this we come to the next essential step, which explains how to best use that free time.

Get your name out there.

As a fresh freelancer who is starting out, the first and most important thing you have to do is let people know that you’re available. Putting your name out there is something that is mainly associated with online presence, but keeping your offline networking in check is essential as well. You just never know where the next project or contract will come from – your neighbor from across the street, a colleague or a friend of a friend. Let people know what you plan on doing and offer your services.

Build a system and work towards a goal

Once you have a basic form of online presence, start proactively looking for jobs. Make a portfolio and a tweakable cover letter. Spend half an hour a day looking through job offers on the internet and emailing your résumé. This serves two purposes. First, you actually get freelancing experience, improving your skillset and trying out the job you dreamt of. Second, you diversify your income and can start saving.

The next step is to see how it goes and think about following things based on the amount you’re saving: How much money do I need to take the final step towards freelancing and quit my day job? That’s your financial goal. When will I reach my financial goal if I keep putting an average of X dollars aside? That’s your quit date. A predetermined financial goal and a quit date are two factors that determine the transition from your regular job to freelancing. So start freelancing today without giving up your stable and secure job.

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