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What is RSS?
RSS is Realy Simple Syndication. RSS is a format for syndicating news its content written in XML. You have the ability to receive not only news but also other web contents without visiting a certain website. RSS content is supported by many feed reader software which have similar functions to every famous e-mail client. You only need to tell your software where can the rss feed be found. That's all.


Why should I use RSS feed?
Almost all of internet user are suffering from spam trash. If you subscribe one day for a news letter on a website you must give the owner of that website your e-mail address. Spamer can use your e-mail address and fill you mail box with their trash. Feed reader don't need your e-mail address. You get the information you wish on your computer.

You don't need to visit websites to search for news because the news comes to you.


How and where can I get feed reader?
There are many feed reader software. I had a very good experience with FeedDemon [Not free]. Also Mozilla Thunderbird [ free ] can be used. My own prefered sofware is FeedDemon from


How can I install the rss feeds from pr-inside?
Very easy :-) If you like to read all of our articles tell your feed reader the following url:

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