Now People Can Save Children's Lives & Learn The Discovery Of God Simply By Buying A Book

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/ A research project of science, Islam, Christianity & Judaism published as a book by Mr.Faisal. He will donate 50% of all his profits after a certain amount of sells he makes of his book. He will donate to & St. Jude hospital.


we discover God? What does science prove? Why we were never told the facts of science & world religions? These are some questions & thoughts the author of "The Mystery Of God's Evidence They Dont Want You To Know Of" had couple of years ago. So, he began his search with a belief that every confusion leads to a conclusion of a solution. During his research he looked through many different kinds of books, scriptures, Torah, Bible, Quran, biological & scientific books, world religions, history, online searches, similarities & differences of various faiths & many more information. In his search for revealing God's mystery he started to organize information & created the book named “The mystery of God's evidence they don’t want you to know of." Now his book has been released and he has set his intention on spreading the words of his research project with this book & he also has a hope to help the poor, disabled & hungry children in America & worldwide with the profits he makes through this book. He will donate not just couple of thousands of dollars but 25% of all his profits to the charities below when his book reaches to the top 100 books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. He will raise his donation to total 35% of his entire profits when sales of the book make it to the top 20 on either amazon or Barnes & Noble. He will raise his donation to the maximum level that no author has ever done in the history of mankind which will be 50% of all his profits. He will donate 50% when his book reaches the bestseller list in the New York Times or USA Today. He will donate the money to these charities savethechildren & St. Jude hospital.

St. Jude where this hospital research cures for disabled children & provides free treatment for those children who simply deserves to live a longer beautiful life and the world famous Save the Children serves impoverished, marginalized and vulnerable children and families in more than 120 nations through disaster risk reduction, rapid humanitarian relief, long-term recovery programs & assists millions at risk of or affected by natural disasters, conflicts and ethnic violence. So,now it all depends on the kind hearted people of America to decide how much they can help the author to help the children. In the same time it's an opportunity for both to learn the new discoveries of science, God & world religions that people simply have the right & deserve to know with an excellent positive way to help the author to donate more to the poor,hungry & disable children in America & worldwide.

When asked the author about his wishes & reasons of exposing his book to the world he replied, "My book is peaceful, honest & the views are very open minded. It's about recognizing the higher power. It's about the existence of creator & creation with their definitions with new & old sources of informations. It's full of spirituality, faith in God, Science & much more fun & new mysterious informations on Judaism, Christianity, Islam & Science. It's all in one & ready for all the people. Knowledge is not only power but it is indeed freedom to speak out the truth of an existence and I will share it to set it free. The greatest creation of God is us, the true race of us the 1 & only us, all of us the mankind simply1 race of humanity. Love is the only anti dote of hate. So, Love, Peace & God bless for all. Thank you for reading my work. God bless America."

Now it's time for people to take this great opportunity to do good for others & support him raise donation for changing & saving children's & also families lives in America & worldwide just by buying the book & telling people about the existence of the book "The mystery of God's evidence they dont want you to know of." Caring for others makes this world a beautiful place to live.

Top 10 major reasons of why people must read this book:
1)God definitions of various religions. 2)What does Islam say about terrorism? 3)women in various religions. 4)Is evolution proven by logic & science? 5)Loking into Quran, Bible & Torah with modern science. 6)The similarities & differences of world's major religions. 7)Discoveries of Moses, Jesus & Mohammad with their life stories. 8)Both science with religions & science vs religions. 9)Moses, Jesus & Mohammad in Islam & Christianity. 10)A documentary book on Islam, Christianity, Judaism & science.

Information of the book is arranged and organized by Mr. Faisal.

A $50 book of knowledge is on a huge sale & unbeatable price of $10 for a limited time only and it's available on , & Barnes&noble
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For interviews contact Mr.Faisal at or call 718 924 6924

"The mystery of God's evidence they dont want you to know of." A must read book of knowledge, science & religion. The book is also based on a research project done by the author Mr.Faisal. The author will donate 50% of all his profits after a certain amount of sells he makes of his book. These are the charities that he will donate to & St. Jude hospital.

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