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'Primordial Essences: Walking with the Archetypes'. By: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

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Author & artist of 'Progressive Etudes' series: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. Portfolio.
Author & artist of 'Progressive Etudes' series: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. Portfolio.
2014-04-30 16:41:16 - An exploration of the archival eBook trove of author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

The new-humanist work of writer Stephanie L. Thorburn resonates with the collective predicament of Gaia Earth and human kind alike. The narrative insights of the author illuminate the insularity, fragility and potential transience of humans. Persistent themes evoked through the humanistic vignettes counterbalance our uncertain age of practical and philosophical crises, with the warmth and sustenance of the human spirit. Stephanie Lynne's integration of spiritual and cultural insights transcends the narrow determinism of the modern pessimistic milieu. She presents a contribution of work that is both practical and creative. Yet, there is a pervasive sense of spiritual bitterness and social anomie motivating the evolution of each portfolio work. The author suggests a social departure from deep dependence on passé mores and modes of thought, evoking a profusion of practical, emotional and didactic resources. The author's catalogue of work seeks to illuminate fundamental human truths and offers inspiration, hope and unity.

The multimodal collection of digital texts by S.L. Thorburn is personally engaging, whilst motivated by an active social and ethical conscience. Throughout the 'progressive etudes' human enigma series, the precepts of transformational humanism and the discovery of abstract human truths form paradoxical maxims. Human potential, quintessence and Jung's archetypes pervade this catalogue of work- the uniqueness of which is defined through the observation that 'body, mind & spirit' we are all an integral part of a conscious cultural nexus that interconnects the social to the personal.

The intention of Stephanie Lynne's labour of love works is simply to liberate, inspire, entertain, inform and to contribute practical, emotional resources. Each vignette evokes light and hope...

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'Exopolitics: Transcendence & Truth Supreme', By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Resume: -

'Exopolitics' deals with the social, cultural & political implications of extra-terrestrial life. It is a fundamental domain within which humans might situate themselves in context of our living cosmos. Exopolitical discourse is based upon a foundational search for profound ontological and epistemological human truths. The subject is both challenging in relation to our grasp of technology and equally, it is a spiritually enriching, nascent sphere.

'Exopolitics: Transcendence & Truth Supreme', explores Exopolitical discourse, human emancipation and new technologies in context of our environmental crisis. The Exosciences project a lens through which human transience, imagination and fragility might all be expressed. The text embraces definitions of 'homo noeticus' or new humans, evolving in an age of practical and philosophical

crises. A consistent ethical theme evoked throughout the author's work is the challenge of human progress in light of our increasingly enhanced technological capacities to ensure human survival. The author supports the development of integral human sciences; this work is dedicated to Gaia Earth.

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn is a freelance writer, social researcher and Reiki Master, who has written texts on both academic and holistic spheres- she has a notable critical appreciation for Nanotechnology, Parapsychology and space sciences. Words: 11,000

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'Dharma: The Poetics of Spirit'. Author & artist: Stephanie L. Thorburn.

-An illustrated personal odyssey on Spiritual Arts & Reiki Healing Art Forms. A reflective etude on Reiki healing, complete with spiritual art illustrations inspired by Greek mythology. Accompanying the artwork, there is a short, second passage exploring the genre of Spiritual Graphic Arts.

Excerpt: The Poetics of Spirit Art. "Spiritual graphic art comprises primordial cultural archetypes evoking the collective unconscious. Channelling inspirational spiritually derived images involves the ability to envision generic essences. The artwork cultivated in my collection 'Primordial Essences’ is permeated by ancient esoteric symbols and residual cultural mythology. My art is defined by the legacy of my own connection to the conscious world and is a reflection of how I perceive the living experience. The collection explores the parameters of the avant-garde and is characterised by pastel colours, realisations of creatures cast into surreal technicolour, benevolent gods, angels and the super- verse populated by the doyens of our imagination guised as Kings"

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'Primordial Essences': Walking with the Archetypes. Author & artist: Stephanie L. Thorburn.

-An Exploration of Spirit Art & Creative Synaesthesia. 'Primordial Essences' offers a sensory odyssey, exploring both spiritual arts and the concept of auditory- visual 'creative synaesthesia' in verse. Verses include the melancholy 'Songwriter' and feisty, 'Cultured Lothario'. This experimental eBook culminates in some interpersonal reflections on the nature of creative synaesthesia. The structure is Surrealist in genre and juxtaposes theory with lucid vignettes & illustrations, hinting at the animated characters and creative inspirations of the author's subconscious. The spiritual writing and art explores primal emotions, quests of bravery, unrequited love and intimate personal challenges. This illustrated spirit art book is based on the dual conceptual themes of personal and fictional odyssey. Prose, verse and spirit art copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Tags: Creativity, spirituality, Surrealism, Jung, avant-garde, primal art, sensory synaesthesia.

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'Progressive Etudes on Natural Healing', Art & prose by: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

A Holistic Journal from Student to Teacher.

Precis: Reiki- A Prism of Light & Hope.

‘Progressive Etudes on Natural Healing’ is an illustrated multimodal text on spiritual arts & traditional Usui Reiki. The work is punctuated by a reflective journal etude on the author's own experiences in learning the precepts and techniques of Usui Reiki. The structure of the digital book is in journal format and comprises a diverse range of further educational resources on natural healing, holistic education, earth sustainability and animal welfare. The notions of ‘humanism’ and ‘holism’ are explored throughout.

Words: 8,000 Images: 18 in collection. Artwork & prose, updated 2014: Stephanie L. Thorburn.

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Stephanie Lynne Thorburn
Phone: 0781 257 8570

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