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Power Publisher’s New Release Downloading Nature’s Secrets, From Akasa By Lakshminarayana Gopalan

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2014-03-05 11:53:57 - It is amazing that several aspects of nature, particularly the fundamentals of sciences conveyed by the rishis are getting validated by scientists, one wonders, how they could without any back up.

The author hails from a deeply rooted background of scientific spiritualism, inheriting a substantive flourish for writing to grip his readers. His father was the major source of motivation that got him introduced to this cosmic integration of vedanta and sciences. After years of correlated and comparative studies the author has come out with several findings and surmises which to an extend explains and also reveals the solid scientific and well meshed foundations on which stand these vedic presepts. Some of these findings are:
 Brahman, the Quantum Vacuum Field is-- praGYAnaM –Consciousness, the Multiverses Bank of infinite know-how and know-why for generating, and governing universes including you and me. They said, Consciousness is ingrained in the Akasa (The space) as

coded categories of complex waves of energies. These codes constitute their DNAs for each entity of nature evolved through their several rebirths and deaths.
 Now, scientists say that:
• Consciousness and not materialism is the ground for everything.
• Vedic Akasha and the Unified Field of modern science are the same.
• Consciousness creates reality. New paradigm- Quantum Physics.
• Akasa is the cradle and grave of everything in all universes.
 Brahma Sutra says; Akasa lashes out all forms and structures and absorbs them back as the DNAs do.
 As such there is a lot of merit and logic to emulate this art perfected by the rishis to tap the sukshmas contained in Akasa for nature’s welfare.

Based on these considerations the author suggests expediting global welfare by becoming Scientific Rishis offering selfless services by:
• Indulging only in dharmic research.
• Culling out the gems in Vedas and other scriptures of the globe and refining them to suit benevolent applications to expeditiously promote global proeperity, and harmony.
• Enhancing spiritual strength through the universal yoga and Gayatri Mantra or through any such methods that can establish resonant receptivity with the Cosmic Intellect. To download the sukshmas. More the spiritual strength more the intuitive prowess.
• Discovering more by intuition owing to unrealizable experimental parameters and costs. Let intuitive and deductive methods complement and expedite scientific investigations.
The author is a Graduate Mechanical Engineer, from College of Engineering, Guindy, Madras, a Sanskritist and communicates in Russian fluently in addition to Tamil. He possesses a string of professional experience in the engineering fields, which had his worthy presence felt in companies like Bharat Heavy Electricals in their R&D Division at Hyderabad, The Heavy Engineering Corporation, situated at Ranchi and as UNIDO expert in Brazil. Presently functioning as Managing Director of Hetrogeneous Communication Technologies, located in Chennai. He is the author of about 100 shorter publications. During this period of five decades and after his training in the erstwhile Soviet Union, he carried out several projects enhancing productivity, standardization, quality, and such services covering the Power and Heavy Engineering industries. His contributions to the standardization activities at the company, national and international levels earned him top accolades and the Indian title “Honorary Fellow of Standardization”. During his tenure, BHEL as a corporation also received the prestigious National Standardization awards twice.
Such ageless Vedic concepts of Brahman, Akasa, Cosmic Intelligence, materialism is epiphenomena of Consciousness, the definition of space as one containing matter or energy, matter energy equivalence, the coded Quantum Vacuum Field governing, the self creating and self evolving universes which get modified throughout the endless births of Hindu Cosmic cycles due to the net effect of collective consciousness, the application of phonetic passwords etc speak for themselves the supremacy of Yoga and GM to tap these secrets of nature by establishing resonant receptivity with the Akasa and downloading such sukshmas.
The book has linked logically, coherently and lucidly the scientific and vedantic perceptions like Akasa, Universal / Collective Consciousness, Unified Fields / Quantum Vacuum Fields, the DNAs of Universes, Holographic Universe, Non localaction, the roles of: Nirguna / Saguna Brahman, Maya, karmic balance sheets, morphogenetic templates, microtubules / neuronal brains, Micro Energies, of phonetic passwords, by way of Mantras denying access for abuse by egotists / terrorists, etc, thus developing a consistent theoretical model for further refinement. This study has also resulted in drawing up several surmises for validation by the Rishi Scientists.

Book : Downloading Nature’s Secrets, From Akasa---The Quantum Vacuum Field
Author : Lakshminarayana Gopalan
ISBN : 978-93-83271-46-7
Price : Rs.275.00
Publishing Date: January 2014
Publisher: Power Publishers
Language: English

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Phone: 9674353071

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