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New Book Stops the Expansion of the Universe

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Mechanics of Natural Force
Mechanics of Natural Force
2014-04-14 01:12:10 - Author Dimiter Bayramov’s research in the flow nature of gravity shows that the cosmic red-shift effect is due to the asymmetric propagation of star-light in a star’s gravitational flow and is not evidence of Universe expansion.

Bayramov’s research in his new book - Mechanics of Natural Force - Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity argues that the cosmic red-shift is not caused by receding stars but by stellar gravitational flows, and shows that star-light coming from a remote star propagates asymmetrically through the gravitational flow of a local star. Star-light entering a star’s gravitational sphere, drifts along the star’s gravitational flow, and is accelerated both along its path of propagation, shifting-blue, and towards the local star, curving the star-light. On the other hand star-light exiting a star’s gravitational sphere, is accelerated both against its path of propagation, shifting-red, and towards the local star. Since the star-light drifts continuously closer to the local star during its propagation,

the star-light’s exit path is longer and closer to the local star, compared to the star-light’s entry path, resulting in an overall red-shift effect of star-light propagating through a star’s gravitational sphere.

The cosmic red-shift effect is similar to the Doppler Effect, e.g. the sound pitch of an emergency siren changes as the emergency vehicle drives by an observer. The Doppler Effect can be simulated with either a moving sound source, like the emergency vehicle example, or with moving medium, e.g. using a fan to move the air medium, carrying the sound waves. Using a fan to demonstrate the Doppler Effect is a common physics experiment (e.g. See )
Bayramov’s calculations show that the effect of star-light propagating at 150 million km. from a star the size of the Sun, red-shifts the star-light by a factor of 0.999961028, and makes the star-light source appear to be receding at 11.68 km/s, while star-light propagating at 1 million km. from a similar star, red-shifts the star-light by a factor of 0.999922847, and makes the star-light source appear to be receding at 23.13 km/s.

The research concludes that the cosmic red-shift effect is not evidence of an expanding Universe but is an indicator for the distance to the light’s source – light coming from more distant stars passes through more gravitational spheres, resulting in statistically greater red-shift. Interested readers can find the book – “Mechanics of Natural Force” with details of this research at the book web site - and on Amazon.

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