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Music Gives You Wings

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2012-12-17 06:44:52 - Music offers a powerful and positive connection to your personal spirituality, giving your faith a wider sense of balance and a secure inner strength. Listening to the right music can shed the weight of emotional conflict and doubt and allow you to virtually fly free.

Los Angeles, CA – 12-17 -2012 (JoeDolanPR): When we pray, often the first thoughts that come to mind are the issues we are dealing with in the now, then those we’ve carried for a long period of time. This can be due to our inability to bring resolution to questions and doubts that linger, often affecting our dedication to faith. Our inner spirit longs to fly free but unresolved emotional battles seem to keep us grounded, and through prayer, we ask for help. Joe Vitale offers music to clear the weight that brings us down and allows us to soar, unencumbered.

In a recent episode of his personal show, Dr. Oz alerted viewers to Binaural Beats. These sounds, discovered in 1839

by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, help to induce relaxation and allow us to get beneath the doubt and conflict we face on the surface of our emotions. In this relaxed state, we can see more of the thoughts and emotions that plague our ability to sort out daily emotional responses. When applied through music, the vibrations, tempos and tones help to clear out the hindrance that keeps us from finding easy solutions for even the most simple of life’s stresses. Joe Vitale has mastered the art and science of creating this relaxation through songs he calls healing music. By listening, you become alert to what you feel, without the conflict of what you think, and you’ll be amazed at how clear things become.

Driven by his passion for success, Joe Vitale wrote and recorded 4 CDs with some of the music industry’s top talents. More outstanding, he achieved this feat in 16 months' time and he is working on his fifth release now! You can’t name an artist today that has built such a catalog of consistent artistry with equal adeptness. In Led Zeppelin’s entire career span of 12 years, they just barely doubled that count with original releases.

As a self-help singer-songwriter, Vitale has brought the concepts of self-improvement that he writes in his bestselling printed works, and he has applied them to the scientific method of using music to affect the body and mind. On each of his CD releases, the music you hear inspires positive reaction from the body, the mind and the spirit. The music gives strength to emotions and adds clarity to the vision of things that cause stress and inner turmoil. It’s a science that is centuries old, and Vitale has mastered it as an art form.

“Music is the thread that brings it all together,” shares Dr. Deforia Lane, Director of Music Therapy at University Hospitals of Cleveland. “We use music to help address the needs of those who have physical pain as well as mental issues. We use music to create an added support system." She also adds, “Music has been shown to affect several portions of the brain. A big part of music is its ability to affect emotions. It can help to reduce pain and relax the body, but also provides just the opposite. It can energize the body in the same way."

Blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing are all functions that the body tries to harmonize with external rhythms. Even walking is affected by the sounds we hear. The steady pace of walking can be influenced by upbeat music, causing a faster step. Many runners will use headphones to deliver a steady driving beat that pushes them to match the tempo of the music and to get better results from their workouts.

When it comes to overcoming issues that affect the body, natural healing is better achieved when tension isn’t present. Part of Vitale’s music catalog addresses relief of stress, clearing the mind of old news and past tragedy and opening the neurological pathways to clear thought on positive subjects. When the mind is free to communicate with the body, natural healing can remove pain from the body and stress related issues that cause actual physical pain. Breathing becomes regulated and the heart beats strong, benefitting the entire cardiovascular system and improving overall health. All of this happens by just listening to music.

The transformative powers of music have been recorded and recognized for centuries in ancient text and in all cultures around the world. Medical science does nothing to deny the power of music to affect our heart, nervous system, breathing and thought process. Music therapy is provided in hospitals across the country and around the world as an alternative to costly medicines in a variety of curative environments.

Music, in all forms, can have the power to illuminate the spirit and it provides limitless ability to transform health for the better. When organized into sessions, as Joe Vitale provides on each of his CDs, music can be taken daily, like medicine, to provide a long lasting and life altering therapy that continuously improves living with each and every application.

You can hear samples of Vitale’s healing music on any of his inspirational websites, as listed below. Each page offers an in-depth explanation of the power to heal through positive healing music and select tracks are available for free downloading to your computer.


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