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Movie Review- Kings Please Excuse, It’s Time For ‘Queen’ of Hearts

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2014-03-29 08:45:50 - Whatever we see, we perceive and then we decide our future actions on that basis. There are things we don’t see, sometimes we are not imaginative enough to visualize such things or simply we never have time to do so. The impact of audio visuals is always deep and especially when it can reach masses. Therefore the Cinema is capable of changing the perception of the society, something which “Queen ” has attempted to do.

Only rare films have that kind of impact which makes you feel romantic about being yourself. In fact very selective things in this world are capable of making you fall in love with yourself. Having a minute degree of narcism is healthy, striking a perfect balance between excess and total absence of self-esteem is vital. There is a sweet melancholy feeling about this film which is left with open ends in non-conformity. The fresh and light perception from inception is something which is a wow factor and keeps the viewers glued to their seats throughout the film.

There is something unusual about the protagonist of the film ‘Rani What I understand of this story is that character attributes in people are

interchangeable and it is like that in everybody, each of us. We are vulnerable yet strong, bold yet nervous, we have pairs of polar dimensions in us, these feelings exist in us simultaneously. The only thing we have to do is to remind ourselves of which feature we wish to accentuate. It is a tendency of being human to forget (not always forgive). Whether call it a boon or a bane. All you people out there quickly fix a rendezvous with yourself.

Rani, a girl even from a very protective family background is surprisingly open minded and open hearted and wins people over with her non-judgemental approach, be it her half French-half Indian friend Vijaylaxmi, or a lap-dancer or her room-mates. Being Uptight is the story of yesterday. Like an accounting rule, the only thing that matters is what you are as on date.

Queen is piquant, clement and elating. Like tasty pani-puris, it leaves a savory aftertaste that hovers on until long after the movie has ended. I saw this movie three weeks ago; I was undecided to write on it. This movie is a fresh white daisy in my small kitchen garden for me. It warms the heart and tickles with the funny humour with equal magnitude. Accompanied by her younger brother on a dinner date with her fiancé with santa-banta jokes, Hilarious!

What is new about this Alice in Wonderland story is that it doesn’t end up with ‘Happily ever after’ note which is considered to be a Midas touch in Indian cinema. Being world’s most optimistic country, Bollywood analysts presume that movie viewers like to see a happy ending, reiterating the adage ¾ ¥‹ ¤¬ . Whereas a story is an infinite affair, there is no ending to it, incidents keep adding on and making new twists to the story every time. A narrator can only depicts a fragment of that story. We are taught from our childhood that this life is a roller-caster, happiness is followed by sadness, and every midnight has a dawn and vice-versa. Let us believe in it for an instance, now when we end our story fragment on a very happy note, is it not obvious what’s next? That is the subtle yet strong message in the climax of ‘Queen the girl broke up and yet to explore future possibilities. That is the awesomeness of the film. Similar to this little Red-riding- hood, every girl has a latent potential in her, it just needs a force to come up on surface. Many a times this is an external force and up thrust of various unpleasant incidents of life.

There is something different about Rani, something so spectacular,

“Hamare yaha to kuch bhi allowed nahi hai, burp karna bhi nahi

What the so called etiquettes have stolen from us is a precious delicious pure fun. The ‘izzatdar samaj’ have set its own guidelines for ‘bhale ghar ki beti Culture, tradition, reputation holds higher grounds than liberty and happiness. However hues of love and acceptance with a pinch of modernization are seen in Rani’s family. Her broad-minded Grand-mother, supportive father and loving family are a pleasant watch.

I acquiesced to the fact that she was lucky enough to run into nice people. But that is an equal probability, I have been hearing about this bad world named ‘Kalyug’ and people here and bad and harmful. But how can it be, I am also a part of this world and I don’t intend to harm. This concludes that the idea of ‘Kalyug’ is a null hypothesis. It comprises of all sort of souls and hearts.

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