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Honey Time Condom Distributor Open4Biz.HK Sparks a Condom Evolution

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2014-02-04 16:13:05 - Cute and fun Honey Time condoms are more than just a sweet romance but a key in reducing sex-related social problems.

When you think about condoms, the first image that may come to your head is that they are very standardized rubber pieces packaged in boring rectangular boxes, and not forgetting to mention that they are damn embarrassing to buy in public, right? You better think again because HoneyTime is about to change the way condoms are made and sold, forever.

Danny Au, General Sales Manager of Open For Business Company Limited (Open4Biz) said, "Most existing big and small condom brands are virtually clones of one another as they’re made and packaged in almost identical ways. You simply can’t find any eccentricity in the traditional condom market, at least not until now with HoneyTime.” Au is the representative of his company that

is the authorized distributor of HoneyTime condom products in Hong Kong, Macau and North America. He was certainly not merely boosting about the uniqueness of HoneyTime condoms as the designs of these products are literally “out-of-the-box”. In fact, it was quite amusing during the interview to see condoms cutely packaged as colorful lollipops, passport replicas, A4-sized certificates, horoscope amulets, Chinese zodiac talismans, and much more. “Our condoms are presented to consumers in extremely innovative package designs, hence transforming the typical rubber pieces into a trendy commodity,” Au added.

HoneyTime is a Taiwanese condom brand established over fifteen years ago. The brand has achieved great success in Taiwan over the years with a current sales network consisting of almost 600 vending locations, including large retail chains. There are even official HoneyTime franchise stores in Taiwan and China that specialize in selling over a hundred different HoneyTime products. “It is unprecedented for a condom brand to have their own franchise shops due to limited product selection. Just imagine how many different product variations you would need to fill up all the shelves in a store,” Au explained.

But don’t let the adorable appearances of HoneyTime condoms deceive you for their lack of quality assurance. In fact, all of HoneyTime condoms are made by Karex(R), which is not only the world’s largest condom maker at present, but also the same manufacturer for Durex(R) and Trojan(R) condoms. This means HoneyTime condoms fully meet the most stringent international standards for condom production, including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 4074 and Directive 93/42/EEC. Au sternly explained the importance of condom safety, “The most fundamental requirement for condoms is their ability to provide protection against unplanned pregnancy and the spreading of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), that is the bottom line and there should be absolutely no compromise. That’s why we are so honored to have Karex(R) to be our manufacturer because they’re the biggest and best in making condoms. Our condoms are just as safe and effective as the big international brands on the market.”

HoneyTime is expecting to create and capture a new niche in the condom industry, a niche composed of customers who not only demand high quality protection that condoms must offer, but also the presence of the "fun factor" in engineering of condoms. It certainly looks like HoneyTime is on the right track in creating a competitive advantage as the company believes they have broken the value-cost-trade-off by successfully combining trendiness and top quality guarantee in their products. "Which brand can offer cute condom products that are of global brand caliber in quality while keeping prices at the market average?" Au asked with a smile on his face.

When asked why Open4Biz decided to step foot in the condom industry, Au explained it all started with awareness of the sex-related social problems, such as pre-marital sex, unplanned pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted infections that have progressively worsened in the society over the past years. A recent study done by Bain & Company indicated that there are over 7,000 pregnancy crises in Hong Kong each year, with the majority of occurrences striking girls who are under the age of 25. Au believes this is a staggering figure, but also quite perplexing at the same time. After all, condoms are very affordable and accessible in Hong Kong so there really shouldn’t be any excuse not to have protected sex. Yet, the statistics are showing quite the opposite. “The ultimate solution to these downstream problems of having sex is that the public must be educated properly about contraceptive methods. Teenagers and young adults shouldn’t rely on the wrong approaches like withdrawal or calendar-counting, they must realize that correctly using condoms is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy and STIs. Birth control pills are also a great birth control method, but it provides no protection against STIs,” Au continued.

However, Au believes that many people often think that it is too embarrassing to buy condoms at supermarkets or pharmacies, which hinders people from purchasing them in the first place, and subsequently deprives couples to use condoms during sexual intercourse. That is why HoneyTime aims to bring cute and fun condoms to the market based on the conviction that they can effectively initiate laughter and amusements, consequently liberating people from the conservative and embarrassing mindsets towards purchasing and using condoms. HoneyTime hopes to instill a “Safe Sex Culture” in Hong Kong through their humorous condom products. “We have two goals in bringing HoneyTime to Hong Kong. The first is to help make HoneyTime the number one Asian condom brand. The second is to put efforts in establishing a safe sex culture so that our teenagers and future generations can live in a safer Hong Kong.”

For vendor inquiry or more information about HoneyTime condom products, feel free to browse the Open4Biz's website ( Also visit a few selected HoneyTime vendors ( and as references.

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Danny Au
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