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E-commrce marketing in india

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2014-03-13 11:05:54 -

E-Commerce has unleashed yet another revolution, whichis changing the way businesses buy and sell products and services. . E-commerce stands for electronic commerceand pertains to trading in goods and services through theelectronic medium. India is showing tremendous growthin the Ecommerce. The low cost of the PC and thegrowing use of the Internet is one of reasons for that.
As a symbol of globalization and in many ways itsleading feature, e-commerce represents the cutting edgeof success in this digital age. E-commerce stands forelectronic commerce and pertains to trading in goods andservices through the electronic medium, i.e. the Internetor phone. . In simple words, Electronic commerceinvolves buying and selling of goods and services overthe World Wide Web. Customers can purchase anythingright from a

car or a cake sitting comfortably in his roomand gift it to someone sitting miles apart just by click of amouse.
2.Scpoe of E-commerce
India is showing tremendous growth in the Ecommerce.Rival has 700,000 registered buyers and ithas the growth rate of 35% every year which is likely todouble in the year 2010. claims revenuesof Rs. 38 crores and has a growing rate of 50 every year.It receives around 500,000 enquiries per month.Undoubtedly, with the middle class of 288 million people,online shopping shows unlimited potential in India. Thereal estate costs are touching the sky. The travel portals'share in the online business contributed to 50% of Rs 4800 crore online market in 2007-08.
3.Growth of E-commerce
During the year 2000-2001, two major IndustryAssociations produced separate reports on e-commerce inIndia. One was prepared by the National Committee on E-Commerce set up the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII),The NASSCOM-BCG Report , on the other hand,estimates for the same year that the total volume of e-commerce will be Rs 1,950 billion (US$ 41.5 billion).Amul, a milk cooperative, is successfully using e-commerce to deepen its brand loyalty. Likewise,corporate in the automotive sector are improving theircustomer relations through this medium.
4.status of e-commerce in india.
Today E-commerce is a byword in Indian society and ithas become an integral part of our daily life.
4.1) Automobiles-
On these sites we can buy and sell four-wheelers and two-wheelers, new as well as used vehicles,online. Some of the services they provide are: Carresearch and reviews, Online evaluation, Technicalspecifications, Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Finance.
4.2) Stocks and shares and e-commerce-
In India today, wecan even deal in stocks and shares through e-commerce.Some of the services offered to registered members are:Online buying/selling of stocks and shares, Marketanalysis and research, Company information, Comparisonof companies, Research on Equity and Mutual Funds.
4.3) Real estate and e-commerce-
They provide informationon new properties as well as properties for resale. One candeal directly with developer through consultant. Alliedservices: Housing Finance, Insurance companies,Architects & Interior Designers, NRI services, Packers &Movers.
4.4) Travel & tourism and e-commerce-
India has a richhistory and heritage and e-commerce is instrumental, to alarge extent, in selling India as a product, encouragingIndians as well as foreigners to see its multifacetedculture and beauty.

4.5) Gifts and e-commerce-

In the bygone days, one had toplan what to gift a loved one, trudge across to yourfavorite shop, and browse for hours before purchasing agift. The gifts are categorized as: Collectibles likepaintings and sculptures, Luxury items like leather goods,perfumes, jewelry boxes, etc.

4.6) Hobbies and e-commerce-The most popular hobbiesfrom time immemorial are reading, music and films. Thebooks cover a wide range of topics like Business, Art,Cookery, Engineering, Children’s stories, Health,Medicine, Biographies, Horror, Home & Garden, etc.

4. 7) Matrimony and E- commerce-

It is said that marriagesare made in heaven, but in the world of E-commerce theyare made on marriage portals One can search for asuitable match on their websites by region of residence(India or abroad), religion or caste. Allied services forregistered members: Astrological services, Information onCustoms and Rituals, Legal issues, Health & Beauty,Fashion & Style, Wedding Planners.

4. 8) Employment and e-commerce-

Two major portals and (meaning in Hindi) are instrumental in providing jobseekers with suitable employment at the click of a mouse.

5.Facilitators of e-commerce in India
A. Information directories:
The products and services arelisted with appropriate sub-headings to make it easy for aserious information-seeker to find what he wants. Alliedservices provided by them: Message boards, chat rooms,forums, etc.
B. Banks:
1) Net banking/phone banking:
This is an online bankingfacility available for savings account holders as well ascurrent account holders. Some of the special Net bankingservices are: Demat accounts for sale/purchase of stocksand shares, Foreign Exchange services, Direct/Instantpayment of bills on the account-holder’s behalf, FinancialPlanning & advice, Electronic Funds Transfer, Loans toaccount-holders.
2) Credit/Debit Cards-
Banks facilitate E-commerce byproviding the most vital trade instrument, namely theCredit or Debit Card, without which E-commerce wouldbe impossible.
6.Future of E-Commerce in India
Today, we are talking about e-commerce progress level of India, the seventh-largest by geographical area, thesecond-most populous country, and the most populousdemocracy in the world. Indian eCommerce spacepercentage is getting higher as more and more onlineretailers enter the market. Although this level of entry inthe e-commerce market is good from a long termperspective, the challenge is that most entrepreneurs don’thave the resources or capital to wait for years before theycan get profits. The web communitiesbuilt around these portal sites with content have beeneffectively targeted to sell everything from event andmovie tickets the grocery and computers.This is not to say that the e-commerce scenario has beenbad in India as highly successful e-business like bababazaar and India mart have proved. The future does look very bright for e-commerce in Indiawith even the stock exchanges coming online providing aonline stock portfolio and status with a fifteen minutedelay in prices. The day cannot be far when with RBIregulations will able to see stock transfer and sale over theNet with specialized services.
7.Top websites of india for e-commerce
7. www.shopclues.coman d may more...

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