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Delticom: Planning Against Aquaplaning

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2014-09-04 12:05:01 -

What is aquaplaning? It sounds like an extreme water sport, a “relative” of kite surfing and free diving. Although aquaplaning is certain to raise your heart beat to an extreme level, it will bring you danger instead of fun. Aquaplaning stands for a sudden loss of grip while driving on a wet surface. When a “wedge” of water forms between the tyre and the road surface, the driver can momentarily lose the steering control over the vehicle, which may lead in the worst case to an accident. Due to the usual and increasingly frequent high rainfalls, British motorists will be at great risk of experiencing this dangerous phenomenon.

Increasingly heavy rainfalls require <table width=
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Increasingly heavy rainfalls require not only drivers's skills and a reduced speed, but also good tyres. (Photo: Business Wire)

Reduce speed

Aquaplaning is one of the biggest threats when behind the wheel. "Reduce speed" is therefore the first course of action in heavy downpours. If the tyres lose contact with the road surface the vehicle is no longer controllable. What to do when the car starts to aquaplane? The key to stay safe is to keep a cool head and follow a simple instruction: Do not break nor accelerate suddenly. This might make the loss of control even worse. Instead, ease your foot off the gas, press the clutch and hold the steering wheel in the direction you are traveling until you feel contact with the road again.

Preventing aquaplaning

Knowing how aquaplaning occurs and what effect it may have on your vehicle, motorists can take precautions to avoid it. Hazards lurk particularly in depressions on the road, wheel-ruts and on wide roads where water takes longer to run off. However, an inadequate driving style and the amount of water on the road are not the only causes for aquaplaning. "Very often it is all down to the vehicle’s tyres, good tread and a high level of grip", says Philip von Grolman from

Timely tyre replacement

Reducing the risk of aquaplaning is yet another reason not to prolong tyre replacement : .. until the legal minimum of 1,6 mm tread depth is reached. Safety experts advise changing vehicle’s “footwear” when tread depth is less than 3,0 or 4,0 millimetres. Generally speaking, the job of tread on a wet road is to push water aside from underneath the tyre.
When the tread pattern is not deep enough, the risk of aquaplaning increase.

The search for a suitable replacement for worn out tyres is particularly comfortable and convenient through online stores such as : .. , which offers over 100 tyre brands and more than 25,000 tyre types. The clearly laid out menu allows users to select tyres according to various relevant criteria. One of them is the search function “DEX”*, which enables buyers to see at a glance (from a customer’s perspective) which tyres meet the new EU labels criteria best. In a survey conducted with 40,000 European motorists**, wet grip was regarded as the most important Label criterion in regard to the tyre choice.

* only with summer and all weather tyres

** Delticom’s survey of more than 40,000 customers in 15 European countries regarding the EU tyre label, 2012

Tyres are available at the online stores : .. and : .. , and Delticom online stores in other countries.

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