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2014-03-19 07:23:58 - The Mistic E-Cig Rollout of the Haus Personal Vaporizer into Walmart Stores in Oklahoma

This is according to the MARCH 2014 release of the VAPOR DIGEST Electronic Cigarette Brand Influence Index (VDEBII). The 2014 VDEBII lists JOYETECH (94.40) as the Most Influential E-Cig Brand in the REFILLABLE PV E-Cig Product Category, followed by KANGER (92.60), INNOKIN (90.90), SMOKETECH (84.30) and VAMO (82.30).

“VAPOR DIGEST believes that this development is GOOD NEWS FOR ALL E-CIG CONSUMERS,” said Vapor Digest Publisher Patrick V* Butson, “We predict that in response MISTIC’s move, BLU, NJOY, LOGIC, and VICTORY/FIN will ALL announce their own REFILLABLE PV PRODUCT within 90 days.”

THE DETAILS: The Haus Personal Vaporizer by Mistic is now selling at more than 75 Walmart stores throughout Oklahoma. Mistic announced that the product would be available countrywide this spring, reaching

15,000 locations across retail chains, including Walmart, Circle K, The Pantry, H-E-B, Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo. Retailing for $19.97 at Walmart, the Haus Personal Vaporizer is sold as a complete starter kit. Five E-Liquid flavors are available: American Blend, Cool Ice, Washington Red, Java and Ocean Mist. E-Liquid Bottles will retail at $6.97 for a 10ml Bottle.

THE COMPREHESIVE ANALYSIS: Vapor Digest believes that this is important and overwhelmingly positive news for ALL Consumers of E-Cig Products. “The fact that this development has received very little media attention illustrates the lack of understanding of the current E-Cig Industry landscape. From a Market Perspective, this move by Mistic is brilliant and they will gain market share,” said Patrick V*. “But from our perspective as Advocates of Safe Vaping, we believe that the more important impact of this development is that it will help unite an E-Cig Industry that is becoming more fractured by the day.”

Vapor Digest research shows that once an E-Cig Consumer makes the jump from Disposable/Rechargeable E-Cigs to a Refillable PV product, they seldom go back. Vapor Digest believes that it is inevitable that all Disposable/Rechargeable E-Cigs Brands will eventually lose market share as their customers will inevitably upgrade to Refillable PV’s. The only question left for the marketplace is, which brand of Refillable PV and which Bottled E-Liquid brand the current Disposable/Rechargeable E-Cig Consumer will choose when they upgrade.

“The Haus PV will allow Mistic to keep their own customers as they logically graduate from the Mistic Rechargeable product to the Haus PV. Mistic will also gain customers from Blu, Logic, NJOY, and Victory/Fin as they upgrade from Disposable/Rechargeables to Refillable PVs. Even if a Walmart Store is not their primary retailer for E-Cig products, a large portion of the current customer base for Blu, Logic, NJOY and Victory do indeed shop at Walmart. “While shopping at Walmart, they may (and probably will) notice the Haus PV. If they are intrigued enough to try it … well … then their Disposable/Rechargeable days are over,” said Patrick V*.

Vapor Digest believes that the Mistic rollout of the Haus PV into Walmarts will force Blu, NJOY, Logic, and Victory to quickly to introduce their own REFILLABLE PV products that they most likely already have in development. These powerful brands will want to differentiate their products from their competitors by introducing a better and more advanced model.

“Influential E-Cig Brands spending large sums of cash to develop a more advanced Refillable Personal Vaporizer should be understood as good news for and by the entire vaping community - including those who have already advanced to a MOD/APV or a MECHANICAL MOD E-Cig Product. It is shame for the industry that it is not viewed this way.” said Patrick V*.

The “Patrick V* Fearless Prediction” based on this Breaking News
Prediction #1: Within 90 Days, Blu, NJoy, Logic, and Victory will ALL announce the Development of a REFILLABLE PV E-Cig Product Category.
Prediction #2: Within 180 Days, Mistic’s E-Liquid Flavor offerings will double from the current 5 to 10 (or more).

The “Give Patrick V* His Props – Super Specific Bonus Prediction” based on this Breaking News
Bonus Prediction #1: Within 90 Days, Blu and CVS will jointly announce a Partnership on the Development of REFILLABLE PVs for CVS Stores.
Bonus Prediction #2: Within 180 Days, Mistic’s e-Liquid offerings will include at least 3 of these 5 flavors: Mint, Vanilla, Apple, Orange, Peach.

ABOUT VAPOR DIGEST. VAPOR DIGEST is the First and Only Trade Publication Dedicated Solely to the Electronic Cigarette Industry. It is an INDEPENDENT and UNBIASED Publication that is DRIVEN by DATA and FACTS. To find out more about VAPOR DIGEST and the Vapor Digest Electronic Cigarette Brand Influence Index please visit: call: 1-844-88-VAPOR or email:

Vapor Digest and the Vapor Digest Electronic Cigarette Brand Influence Index are published by BUTSON ENTERPRISES, LLC. All rights are reserved. © 2014 by Butson Enterprises LLC. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means without written permission from the publisher.
*the V stands for Vaper.

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