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2014-04-23 17:02
Gökçe Erenmemişoğlu Photographs of Modern Urbanity and Conflict
Gökçe Erenmemişoğlu’s haunting photography presents an updated take on the uncanny valley. The artist concentrates on objects that are, if not everyday, then universally recognized to mean certain things or possess particular associations. He photographs vintage dolls, a common signifier of ch .. [ More ]
2014-04-22 09:53
Greenwood Nursery Has Been Named a 2014 Proven Winners Certified Garden Center
Greenwood Nursery Plant Nursery and Online Garden Center, McMinnville, TN, has been named a 2014 Proven Winners Certified Garden Center. This distinction signifies that employees have completed a comprehensive training program that provides them with the expertise to assist consumers in choosing and .. [ More ]
2014-04-14 20:29
How it all started The vision of the creating team behind CforCrafts has always been to support and empower Greek handmade creations to global markets, an essential re-branding, which will ultimately lead to the establishment of Greece’s artists in the hearts and minds of the world. That’s how .. [ More ]
2014-04-09 07:14
6 Ways to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden
As spring warms its way into summer, we see caterpillars crawling around looking for food. Try planting Spicebush to provide plenty of food for them. Then before we know it, MAGIC! Butterflies are all around! So…how can you bring butterflies into your garden? Ways to attract butterflies .. [ More ]
2014-04-05 18:57
Greece Wedding Photographer Yannis Larios ASWPP highlights the beauty of Greece as a Wedding Destination
Athens, Greece – April 5, 2014 Greece boasts magnificent light and breathtaking islands. But it’s not only for vacations! Thousands of young couples from across the world visit the Greek islands each year to organize their destination wedding. According to the official statistics, the isl .. [ More ]
2014-04-01 19:49
"Paws for Thought" A Photographic Exhibition by Rhubarb & Custard
Like us, dogs come in all shapes and sizes and that’s particularly true at Rhubarb & Custard, Eton - a photo studio and gallery on Eton High Street, where a bouncy Boxer (“Amber”) and a shnoozing Shih Tzu (“Ming”) can be found enticing the customers and immediately putting them at their ea .. [ More ]
2014-03-25 13:18
Explore your creative streak with WorldooStudios
A dash of innovation and a whole lot of passion, this is exactly what the makers of keep in mind while they work towards engaging kids in this ecosystem. Extending this opportunity to fresh talent, launches worldooStudios, encouraging young minds to put on their thinking caps .. [ More ]
2014-03-24 13:45
Laure Hatchuel-Becker | Form and Colour
Inspired by dot paintings of Australian Aboriginal artists, many of Hatchuel-Becker’s three-dimensional oil paintings focus on symmetry, alignment and colour to create simple structures. The inclusion of humble elements such as gauze or driftwood in some of her works echoes Arte Povera’s return .. [ More ]
2014-03-24 13:08
Miguel Kohler-Jan: Works from the 70s and 80s
The show, from 11 April - 6 June, focuses on Kohler-Jan's vibrant oil paintings as well as his more muted natural sand on canvas pieces. Whilst the oil works incorporate a combination of numbers, letters and geometric shapes, the sand works hint more at pre-Columbian designs. An innovative artis .. [ More ]

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