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2014-04-23 17:42
Crown Bioscience Passes 1000 Model Mark in PDX Collection for Oncology Drug Discovery
Santa Clara, CA (April 23, 2014) – The HuPrime model collection, many of which are maintained ‘in life’, enable drug discovery companies to run Clinical Trial-like studies, or HuTrialTM, using human surrogate models in mice. Such a comprehensive and diverse collection of well characterized .. [ More ]
2014-04-23 13:44
Advancing the frontiers of cancer research
Abingdon, UK, 23rd April 2014 – Oxford Optronix, the leading provider of advanced research instrumentation for the clinical medicine and life science industries, today releases a new whitepaper outlining the potential of automated colony counting and imaging systems for making major advances in ca .. [ More ]
2014-04-22 18:07
Exopolitics: Transcendence & 'Truth' Supreme. Author: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.
New Kindle text on Exopolitics, disclosure and new scientific paradigms by author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. Exopolitics & Emancipation. Intro: New Scientific Paradigms. 'Exopolitics: Transcendence & Truth Supreme', seeks to define concepts of new-humanism and the fruition of higher consc .. [ More ]
2014-04-22 17:34
New Report Unveils Hottest Industry Trends in Life Sciences Sector 2014
New Report Unveils Hottest Industry Trends in Life Sciences Sector 2014 Meaningful “quick read” whitepaper “Life Science Trends 2014” also offers exclusive feature article on Big Data in the Life Sciences Buckinghamshire, UK (April, 22nd, 2014) – Written in conjunction with Carlyle Conla .. [ More ]
2014-04-21 11:30
Eli Lilly to Speak at Metabolomics Meeting, May 22-23 2014, Cambridge, MA
Vladimir Tolstikov, Scientist, Tailored Therapeutics at Eli Lilly is scheduled to give a presentation on “Clinical Metabolomics: Case Study CKD. Cross-platform Omics Data Integration in Ingenuity Systems” at the Inaugural Metabolomics Conference - Advances & Applications in Human Disease to be h .. [ More ]
2014-04-21 11:28
George Weinstock to Speak at Next Gen Seq Meeting, June 19-20, 2014, San Diego
George Weinstock, Professor and Associate Director at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine to give a keynote presentation on “Exploring the Role of the Microbiome in Disease” at the 4th Annual Next Generation Sequencing Conference on June 19-20, 2014 in San Diego, CA by GTCBIO. Dr. Wei .. [ More ]
2014-04-21 11:27
Clive Brown, Oxford Nanopore to Speak at Next Gen Seq Meeting, June 19-20, 2014
Clive Brown, Chief Technology Officer at Oxford Nanopore will give a featured presentation at the 4th Annual Next Generation Sequencing Conference on June 19-20, 2014 in San Diego, CA by GTC. Clive Brown is responsible for all of the Oxford Nanopore’s product-development activities. Dr. Bown le .. [ More ]
2014-04-17 16:25
Leaving A Legacy? Honoring Someone Important? We Have Your Answer.
The Genome Registry, in response to frequently asked questions about creating a legacy, memorializing a loved one, giving a meaningful gift, supporting scientific research and wildlife conservation, has updated its Top Reasons website page. The Genome Registry offers the ability to name a gene or .. [ More ]
2014-04-17 12:55
GlaxoSmithKline Provides an Update on the 3-Stage Validation Approach for Lyophilized Products at Lyophilisation 2014
With the ever increasing cost of pharmaceutical products, the importance of research into the formulation and stability of drugs has never been higher. World renowned companies from all over the globe use research to optimise the synthesis and storage of their products through the process of lyophil .. [ More ]
2014-04-15 18:48
Gamry Instruments Launches New Online Shopping Site
Gamry Instruments, manufacturer of electrochemical instruments, has entered the world of online shopping with the launch of its ecommerce site: Gamry created this site to support their customers with an easy way to access replacement parts and accessories for their current line of .. [ More ]
2014-04-14 12:38
Graphene Supermarket to offer HDPlas™ by Haydale, a High-Performance Graphene Material
South Wales, UK, and New York, USA 14th April 2014 (PressReleasePoint) – Haydale and Graphene Laboratories, Inc. are pleased to announce that the HDPlas™ range of novel high-performance graphene materials will be offered by the leading source of graphene materials, the Graphene Supermarket. HDPl .. [ More ]
2014-04-14 10:27
New Study Demonstrates Use of Light Scattering and Refractive Index Detectors for UHPLC Applications
(SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA – 8 April 2014) - Wyatt Technology Corporation, the world leader in absolute macromolecular characterization instrumentation and software, has announced the availability of a new application note which outlines the combined use of the Wyatt μDAWN™ multi-angle light sc .. [ More ]
2014-04-14 01:12
New Book Stops the Expansion of the Universe
Bayramov’s research in his new book - Mechanics of Natural Force - Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity argues that the cosmic red-shift is not caused by receding stars but by stellar gravitational flows, and shows that star-light coming from a remote star propagates asymmetrically through the gravit .. [ More ]
2014-04-10 08:16
Deepak Rajpal to Speak at Bioinformatics Conference Jun 19-20 2014, San Diego, CA
Deepak Rajpal, director at GlaxoSmithKline in the computational biology group at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, will give a featured presentation on “Integrative Analyses for Drug Discovery Programs” at the Bioinformatics & Pharmacogenomics: Managing and Analyzing Big Data Conference to .. [ More ]
2014-04-09 16:24
Fraunhofer IME's tackling malaria, HIV, rabies and tuberculosis in Africa
This commitment was reiterated in the conclusions of the 4th EU-Africa summit by stating the fundamental role of investment in research, science, technology and innovation to sustainable development of societies. In this context, Fraunhofer IME would like to highlight its contribution to this go .. [ More ]
2014-04-07 13:31
Syrris to launch new Asia Cryo Controller for -100 °C flow chemistry
Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry product innovation, will be launching the advanced Asia Cryo Controller, designed specifically for flow chemistry, at the 4th Flow Chemistry Congress of the Flow Chemistry Society, Boston, USA, on the 10th of April 2014. This exciting new module will also be .. [ More ]
2014-04-07 11:45
Communication Instead of Collision
As an important contribution to traffic safety, the communication between cyclists and motor vehicle drivers is currently being examined by a scientific project under way in Vienna. Both infrastructure and intersection design are being considered as factors contributing to communication. The project .. [ More ]
2014-04-05 08:49
Key Panel discussion at 3rd Oncology Partnering Conf. – July 7-8, 2014, Boston
Panel Discussion on “Innovative Partnering & Deal-making” Features Executives from Sanofi, Merck Serono, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, AnaptysBio, and MedImmune at the 3rd Oncology Partnering & Deal-Making Conference (July 7-8, 2014 in Boston, MA) This panel discussion will cover topics includ .. [ More ]
2014-04-05 08:47
Paul Juniewicz to Speak at Oncology Partnering Conference – Jul 7-8, 2014 Boston
Paul Juniewicz, Head of Oncology Business Opportunities, Strategic Portfolio and Management Group at Sanofi, will give a keynote presentation on the “Impact of Recent ASCO 2014 Perspective on Clinically Meaningful Outcomes on Oncology Drug Development and Deals/Partnership” at the 3rd Oncology P .. [ More ]
2014-04-04 12:42
AERAP Seminar on the occasion of the EU-Africa Summit
AERAP is a stakeholder platform of industry, academia, the public sector and civil society established to define and implement radio astronomy cooperation initiatives between Africa and Europe. The roundtable seminar explored the future contributions of AERAP to the theme of Africa-EU cooperation se .. [ More ]

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